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Automating Android with … Automate

Stumbled on this fantastic app yesterday. It allows you to easily automate many tasks on your Android. I’ll give an example of how simple it is to use – at least for someone with programming experience.

For some time now, I’ve struggled with reading Thai and Chinese. While I can understand spoken Thai and Chinese, reading them had been somewhat a challenge. My previous solution, on receiving such text, was to:

  1. copy the Thai/Chinese text
  2. paste into Google Translate
  3. select the source language (TH or ZH)
  4. click on the audio button to listen

Using, Automate, I’m able to automate that tedious process with the following flow in about half a day’s work:

Read-Foreign-Language languages

The automation flow works as follows:

  1. Create a variable listing all supported languages
  2. Read/watch the clipboard for changes
  3. Ask for desired language: : th, zh, en (see image above)
  4. Send the clipboard content to Google Translate
  5. Listen to the output

A very powerful app indeed.


  1. Download Automate here.
  2. Download Read Foreign Language here.